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If you're finding that your existing site is just not delivering the goods let us know and we'll take a look. IceBomb offers a free website assessment service* where we check the HTML mark-up, navigation and site structure for any usability and accessibility issues.

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*The small print:

This is a general site assessment and covers issues concerning the site as a whole. Issues specific to individual pages will not be highlighted. Neither will issues concerning scripts (such as JavaScript) or Flash.

Areas assessed are: HTML mark-up (is the site built correctly), navigation (can you find your way around ok), functionality (does it work) and basic accessiblity (can most people use it).

There is not a guaranteed turnaround for this service but we aim to give feedback within 10 working days. Faster turnarounds are available but require a consultancy fee.

Any additional tests such as information architecture (are things where they should be) and search engine visability (can people find the site) are available but would also require a consultancy fee.

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